Our hotels in Sweden

At Countryside Hotels you will find a collection of ancient Swedish castles, magnificent mansions, charming inns, stylish design hotels, cozy guest houses and inns in beautiful surroundings.

Exteriörbild på Albert Hotell

Albert Hotell

Albert Hotell is located with a mile-wide view of the city of Trollhättan and the Göta River. Here the focus is on the food and the service.

Exteriörbild på Asa Herrgård

Asa Herrgård

On the border with the Småland highlands you will find Asa Herrgård. Here you can really hear the silence for real.

Aspenäs Herrgård

Aspenäs Herrgård

Aspenäs Herrgård can be found near Gothenburg, but far away enough to exchange the city’s noise for nature’s soothing sounds.

Bjertorp Slott

Bjertorp Slott

Bjertorp Castle is Sweden’s youngest Art Nouveau castle located between Vara and Skara. Here you will be captivated from the second you open the castle gate.

Exteriörbild på Brösarps Gästgifveri & SPA

Brösarps Gästgifveri & SPA

Brösarps Gästgifveri is a warm and traditional inn in a modern style, located right by the gate to the beautiful Österlen.

Boka paket på Båsenberga Hotell

Båsenberga Hotell

With its beautiful nature and golf course around the corner is Båsenberga Hotell. Here the focus is on food and the chance for relaxation.

Dömle Herrgård

Dömle Herrgård Spa & Resort

Dating back to 1446, Dömle Manor in scenic Värmland has created a beautiful mix of classic manor with a state-of-the-art concept.

Eriksberg Hotell & Safaripark

Eriksberg Hotell & Safaripark

In Blekinge you will find Eriksberg which with its adjacent safari park and its luxurious concept invites nature in a completely unique way.

Boka ett hotellpaket på Fredriksborg Hotell

Fredriksborg Hotell

With spectacular views of the Stockholm archipelago is Fredriksborg Hotel. The place offers a rich history dating back to the 18th century.

Hotellpaket på Fryksås Hotell & Gestgifveri

Fryksås Hotell & Gestgifveri

Fryksås Hotell can be found in a historic summer residence environment in Dalarna. Located with breathtaking views of Orsasjön and Siljan.

Paket och erbjudanden på Gimo Herrgård

Gimo Herrgård

Nestled in northern Uppland forests with the gleaming Lake Gimosjön and vast meadows just around the corner, you are welcomed to Gimo Herrgård.

Exteriörbild på Hennickehammars Herrgård

Hennickehammars Herrgård

Hennickehammar is a classically beautiful manor house, surrounded by Värmland forests and mirror-shiny lakes located outside Filipstad.

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Weekendresor och hotellpaket på Hestraviken hotell & restaurang

Hestraviken hotell & restaurang

The river Nissan flows quietly past Hestraviken in its scenic location in the dense Smålandsskogen. Here you´ll find space for both relaxation and activity.

Mat & champagnehelg på Hotell Järvsöbaden

Hotell Järvsöbaden

Located in the middle of Hälsingland’s magnificent nature, Järvsöbaden offers opportunities for recreation and activities all year round.

Exteriörbild på Hotell Slottsbacken

Hotell Slottsbacken

Inside the ring wall in Visby you´ll find Hotell Slottsbacken. A modern hotel concept in a historic environment.

Åk på golfweekend på Körunda Golf & Konferenshotell

Körunda Hotell

Körunda Hotell is beautifully situated outside Nynäshamn next to Lake Muskan and with no less than two golf courses close by.

Nääs Fabriker Hotell & Restaurang

Nääs Fabriker Hotell & Restaurang

Beautifully located next to Lake Sävelången, Nääs Fabriker is located in buildings originating from a cotton spinning mill from the 19th century.

natursköna upplevelser i Sverige

Rosersbergs Slottshotell

Beyond the beautiful castle hall, you are met by the magnificent Rosersberg Castle. Here you live royally with the wingspan of history constantly present.

Salt & Sill - Sveriges första och enda flytande hotell

Salt & Sill

At the far end of Tjörn’s west side, in the fishing community Klädesholmen, you will find Salt & Sill. A west coast pearl and Sweden’s only floating hotel.

Exteriörbild på Storsätra fjällhotell

Storsätra Fjällhotell

Located in the middle of the magnificent mountain nature in Grövelsjöfjällen, Storsätra Fjällhotell has received guests since 1939.

Sverigesemester med countryside hotels

Stufvenäs Gästgifveri

Stufvenäs, dating from the 18th century, is a classic Småland inn that invites you to a holistic experience for all the senses.

Weekendresor och hotellpaket på Sundbyholm Slott

Sundbyholms Slott

In the heart of Mälardalen you will find the stately Sundbyholms Slott with beautiful surroundings consisting of sandy beaches and beech forests.

Mat & champagnehelg på Söderköping brunn

Söderköpings Brunn

Along the winding Söderköpingsån river next to the Göta Canal is the health resort Söderköpings Brunn dating from 1719.

Boka paket på Toftaholm Herrgård

Toftaholm Herrgård

As a tranquil oasis, Toftaholm Herrgård stretches out to the shore in the Småland, magical nature.

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Hotell Två Skyttlar

Två Skyttlar

Surrounded by forest, meadows and lake you will find Two Skyttlar. Here you can feel at home and get a chance to recover.

Exteriörbild på Tällbergsgårdens Hotell​

Tällbergsgårdens Hotell

Tällbergsgården is a hotel with ancient origins and is one of the oldest farms in the village. Here you feel that you are in Dalarna.

Ulvsby Herrgård

Ulvsby Herrgård

Ulvsby manor is located in rural surroundings in the forests of Värmland and with the birch valley down to its own steamboat pier.

Villa Brunnby

Villa Brunnby

With its hilly landscapes, open fields and apple orchards, the Kulla Peninsula and Villa Brunnby offer fantastic views, reminiscent of Tuscany.

Sommar på Villa Gransholm​

Villa Gransholm

With over 100 years on its neck and origin as a manager’s villa, beautiful Villa Gransholm with its pinnacles and towers is located in a scenic Småland environment.

Vadstena Klosterhotel

Vadstena Klosterhotel

The historic Vadstena monastery hotel offers a genuine monastery environment, modern accommodation and beautiful eye-catchers wherever you look.

Villa Sjötorp

Villa Sjötorp

With its unbeatable top location next to the health resort Lyckorna, with a mile-wide view of the west coast coastline, lies Villa Sjötorp.

Boka weekendpaket på hotell Västanå Slott

Västanå slott

Outside Gränna is the idyllic Västanå Castle dating from 1590. Personal furnishings with many period details are something that permeates the castle.

Wallby Säteri

Wallby säteri

In the middle of Småland’s garden with a view of Skirösjön, you will find Wallby Säteri. An oasis surrounded by deep forests, rushing fields and sparkling lakes.

Boka paket på Hotell Ängavallen


At Ängavallen in Skåne, people live by the motto “from farm to fork”. Here, ecology and gastronomy go hand in hand and most raw materials come from our own production.

Personal and cultural-historical hotels in Sweden

At Countryside Hotels you will find about 40 hotels that come from all over Sweden, from north to south.

The hotels are a collection of ancient Swedish castles, magnificent mansions, charming inns, stylish design hotels and cozy guest houses and inns. The selected hotels that work with us are all privately owned with their own unique profile, history and identity.

Among all castles and manor houses, many buildings offer an exciting history in a beautiful environment as all our members have a cultural-historical connection.

Go on a mini vacation in Sweden and recharge your batteries

It is said that many shorter trips provide more energy than one long trip a year. All our castles and mansions offer different kinds of weekend trips and hotel experiences that give you unforgettable memories to look back on with a smile on your face.

Go on a romantic weekend for two or experience the Swedish nature with our hiking trips. Relax at a spa hotel or go on an exciting hunting trip. The choice is yours.

Unique hotels with fantastic surroundings in Sweden

Unique stands for - one of a kind and has the synonym outstanding. Something that all our hotels at Countryside Hotels have in common. They are run by passionate people and offer a unique stay in an outstanding environment. But beyond that, no hotel is the same, not least the architecture. Here there is something for everyone, everything from gift shops to design hotels.

Hotel experiences for the food lover

Eating well is something we all appreciate and something that adds a golden edge to our cozy hotel weekend. The food should smell good, look beautiful, taste magical and the service should be personal and pleasant.

To succeed in this, we have chefs who have a great passion for their profession and our hotels invest heavily in locally produced, organic and seasonal ingredients to give the food that extra love.

With us, there is bear meat in the north, shellfish in the west, game in the east or goose in the south - all beautifully presented on the plate. Of course, there are also talented sommeliers on hand to help you choose the right drink for the food.

Live like royalty and stay in a castle

Who hasn't dreamed of living in a castle? Fairytale environments with fantastic decorations and gorgeous gardens.

If you want a hotel experience out of the ordinary, visit one of the castles within Countryside Hotels and live like royalty! Castles often have rich stories that are very exciting to learn about, and the staff are more than happy to tell you about the castle's history.

Spa hotels in Sweden

To be in a spa is to be in peace. Lovely scents, warm baths and soft bathrobes make you go down in circles to relax both body and soul. What kind of relaxation do you dream of? Sauna, bath or treatments?

Several of our hotels within Countryside Hotels offer different spa packages, so you can find something that suits you. Regardless of whether you want to have your own time or invite someone you like with you, you will find the right package.

Dog friendly hotels in Sweden

Are you looking for a hotel where you can bring your pet with you during your stay? In most of the hotels within Countryside Hotels, it is possible to bring dogs. In this way, the whole family has the opportunity to accompany the hotel overnight stay.

See all our dog-friendly hotels here

Beautiful hotel premises for weddings and parties

Are you looking for the perfect wedding venue for your wedding, an atmosphere-enhancing party venue for the private party or corporate event in Sweden?

Most of our facilities can be rented exclusively for parties or weddings.

As the hotels at Countryside Hotels are small and personal, the entire hotel is often involved in making your big day just as wonderful as you want it to be.

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