About White Guide

The annual White Guide is a complete guide to the Swedish gastronomy scene, listing more than 500 restaurants that have been carefully selected and tested in this recent edition.

The Swedish restaurant scene is growing and constantly getting better. Knowledge about, as well as interest in, food, beverages and eating out has never been greater. The need for an authoritative guide has grown due to the vast number of new choices of restaurants.

The very best, the trendiest, the cosiest, the coolest, the most romantic and the most culturally exotic restaurants — you’ll find them all in this guide to Sweden’s best eating.

An enjoyable visit to a restaurant comprises several components, all of them important. White Guide assesses the restaurant’s basics, its food, beverages, service, setting and atmosphere. The overall rating adds up the points of all these assessments as a total out of 100. We present the overall rating and the food rating separately.