Relationship guarantee

The first relationship guarantee

All relations need nurturing and we must remind ourselves how important it is to escape everyday stress and care for each other for a moment. 

We at Countryside Hotels have a long experience in giving people a space to breathe and a peaceful getaway. We have seen the value of investing in a relationship and doing it in time. Therefor we have decided to launch a unique relationship guarantee, which means that guests who divorce within a year from the stay gets a refund.

Why are we doing this?

We feel that more people than ever experience stress in their lives and many miss the opportunity to invest in the relationship before it is too late. Our long experience of hosting couples has made us see many examples how stimulating for the love it can be to spend time together in a tranquil environment close to nature.

With the relationship guarantee we hope that more people open up their eyes to this and invest in themselves and their partner.

It works very easy: 

  • Choose a hotel and book it via
  • Submit the reservation code “relationsgaranti” in the message space on the final page of reservation. If the booking is with Smådalarö Gård and Vadstena Klosterhotel, please call us and make the reservation.
  • Enjoy!
  • If you by any chance would get a divorce within a year, you just submit the verdict from the court, and Countryside Hotels will refund money for up to two nights stay.

What are the limitations?

  • Can be used on one occasion per person and the refund is valid for up to two nights stay
  • The stay must be booked via or via Countryside Hotels phone: +46 31-13 18 70.
  • The guarantee is not valid if the reservation is done directly with your selected hotel rather than via
  • The refund includes the cost of accommodation and excludes any additions.
  • The relationship guarantee is valid for legally married couples who stay in the same room and states the booking code “relationsgarantin” at time of booking.
  • The refund is paid out after receiving the decision from the court confirming the divorce within a year from the stay.