A Taste of Sweden

Indulge in the ultimate “Taste of Sweden” with our curated culinary tour, showcasing the finest Swedish hotel restaurants. Prepare to embark on a gastronomic journey like no other, where each venue boasts its unique seasonal dishes and has been acclaimed by our esteemed partner, White Guide.

Savor delectable gourmet cuisine, tantalizing tasting menus, and exquisite wine and champagne tastings, all set amidst stunningly beautiful table settings. Complementing this epicurean adventure are top-class accommodations nestled in the heart of nature, ensuring a tour that epitomizes the true quality of life.

Join us on this exceptional experience, where every bite is a celebration of Sweden’s culinary excellence.

Experience a taste of Sweden at Brösarp Inn & SPA

White Guide classification: Very good class.

Immerse yourself in the authentic charm of Brösarp Inn & SPA, a genuine hotel that proudly holds the title of Scanian Destination of the Year 2017, as awarded by the Scanian Gastronomy Award and voted by the people.

At Brösarp Inn & SPA, exceptional food, beautiful surroundings, and extraordinary hospitality come together to create an unforgettable experience. It’s not just a place to stay; it’s a retreat for both body and soul, where the pace of life slows down and relaxation takes over.

In the dining room, the main dishes are so iconic that one of them even serves as the password to the internet. Can you guess which one it is? The friendly waitstaff are dedicated to spreading a sense of well-being and are always happy to share tips about local happenings and attractions.

Gourmémat på Brösarps Gästgifveri & SPA
Boka gourmetpaket på Eriksberg Hotell

Brösarp Inn & SPA – Eriksberg Hotel & Nature Reserve

White Guide classification: Exceptional class (100 km trip).

Discover a unique and first-class environment at Eriksberg Hotel & Nature Reserve, where the beauty of nature meets culinary excellence. Here, amidst the majestic presence of bison, deer, and mouflon sheep, lies Blekinge’s finest restaurant, as acclaimed by the White Guide.

At Eriksberg, you are treated to a gastronomic experience that delights all your senses. The serene and harmonious atmosphere, combined with personal attention from the staff, ensures an unforgettable dining experience. The menus prominently feature venison sourced directly from the reserve’s own farm, showcasing the best of local, sustainable ingredients.

Come to Eriksberg Hotel & Nature Reserve for an exceptional getaway where nature and gastronomy come together in perfect harmony.

Eriksberg Hotel & Nature Reserve – Hestraviken Hotel & Restaurant

White Guide classification: Good class (200 km trip).

The Hellström family has been at Hestraviken for three generations now. Malin Hellström is the chef and Johan, her husband, is the restaurateur. They will both make sure that our stay here is pleasant. We can enjoy a drink in front of the fireplace. The restaurant has a homely atmosphere with small, charming dining rooms and a winter porch.

Ambitions are high in the kitchen. “We have a great love for food”, says the Hellström family. The ingredients they use are seasonal and they often use food gathered straight from the surrounding nature. With friendly and professional service, we are ensured a great dinner. The wine list is extensive with some select bottles sold at favourable prices.

Njut av god mat på Hestraviken

Experience a taste of Sweden

Experience a taste of Sweden at Hestraviken Hotel & Restaurant – Bjertorp Castle

White Guide classification: Very good class (130 km trip).

Nestled in a luxurious setting Bjertorp Castle offers an unforgettable culinary journey. Here guests can indulge in exquisite tasting menus, savor well-chosen wines, enjoy delightful afternoon tea, and start their day with a sumptuous castle breakfasts.

The award-winning kitchen at Bjertorp Castle is renowned for its dedication to culinary excellence. The passionate chefs create imaginative and flavorful dishes, showcasing the finest local ingredients. Every plate is a testament to their creativity and commitment to high-quality cuisine.

If you want to feel like royalty in more ways than one, this is definitely the place for you. Immerse yourself in the elegant ambiance and let yourself be pampered like royalty in every possible way.

Bjertorp Castle – Albert Kitchen Hotel & Conference

White Guide classification: Good class (60 km trip).

Our final stop is Albert Kitchen Hotel and Conference with a nice view of the city of Trollhättan and the boats passing through the lock. The main building is from 1857 and was built by Johan Dahlöf. Rickard Halleröd is in charge of the kitchen. He often works on official events and has won several awards. The chef’s ambition is to use fresh, locally produced, seasonal ingredients, and the kitchen is placed in the middle of the building so visitors can see exactly what’s going on in there.

But if the weather is nice, we’ll have our dinner on the outdoor terrace. Before our meal, we taste Albert Hotel’s own high-quality champagne, imported from a small producer in France called Gaidoz-Forget. T

hen it’s time for dinner and we experience a perfect blend of carefully cooked food and wine or other beverages that match the dinner in the best possible way.

Albert Hotell
Gurmémat på Ängavallen

Tailor Your Swedish Adventure with “Taste of Sweden”

Discover the flexibility of our “Taste of Sweden” tour as you embark on a journey that can begin in the enchanting north and lead you all the way south. Alternatively, you have the freedom to choose and book specific segments of this remarkable trip, tailoring it to your preferences and schedule.

For further details, feel free to contact us at +46 31 131 870. Our team is eager to assist you in crafting the perfect Swedish culinary adventure, making it an experience you’ll cherish for a lifetime.

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