The Design & Art Tour

There aren’t many people who haven’t heard about Swedish music, design, fashion, film, art and literature in the past decades. Sweden is ranked one of the world’s most creative nations. Let us take you on a journey through a few of our favourite Swedish design and art destinations.

Malmö to Malmö

Where: This tour will take you to interesting sites from a design and art perspective in southern Sweden and Denmark.
Start and stop: Malmö/Malmö
How to get there: You can opt to fly to Malmö and rent a car there. Or drive your own car.
Hotel bookings:
Activity bookings: Click on an activity to see the organizer’s website with contact information. Or ask the hotel for help with arrangements.

Hotellrum på Brösarp Gästgifveri & Spa

Day 1-2

Skåne – The creative gateway to Sweden. Swedish crime fiction has been a worldwide success story. Ever since the BBC filmed best-selling author Henning Manckel’s books about reluctant Chief Inspector Kurt Wallander with Kenneth Branagh in the leading role, people have come from afar to the picturesque city of Ystad to walk in his footsteps. If you’ve read the books or seen the films, you must take the popular tour.

Then drive east through the region of Österlen, famous for its unparalleled light and home to many of Sweden’s leading authors, artists and musicians. Stop at the many galleries, antique shops and design shops in the area and stroll through the cosy little village of Simrishamn.

Stay at: Brösarps Gästgiveri or Ängavallen.
Driving time from Malmö Airport: 10-60 min .

Day 3

The Kingdom of Crystal. Drive north for an hour or two to the Kingdom of Crystal. The 11 glassworks are among Sweden’s most popular tourist attractions and the smelting works and museums are open all year around. The glass shops are filled with slight seconds at prices that are a great bargain.

Stay at: Villa Gransholm or Stufvenäs Gästgiveri.
Driving time from the previous night’s hotel: 1.5-3 hours.

Vackert hotellrum på Stufvenäs Gästgifveri & SPA
Hotellrum på Hestraviken hotell & restaurang

Day 4

The Kingdom of Furniture. A short westbound drive away, you will find the Kingdom of Furniture – the heart of the Swedish furniture and interior design industry. This is where IKEA and renowned furniture designers Bruno Mathson, Abstracta, Källemo and many more started out. While in the area, don’t miss “Svenssons i Lammhult”, the designer furniture store with all the desirable Scandinavian classics, or the IKEA Through the Ages Exhibition.

Stay at: Villa Gransholm or Hestraviken.
Driving time from the previous night’s hotel: 3 hours.

Day 5-7

Drive southwest towards the Öresund Region and take an “Art tour around the strait”. This tour will take you to the artistic highlights of southeast Sweden and eastern Denmark. Be sure to spend some time in the city of Copenhagen as well.

Stay at: Ängavallen.
Driving time from the previous night’s hotel: 1.5-3 hours.

Mat från Brösarps Gästgifveri & SPA

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