The Wilderness Adventure Tour

Sweden is a vast and sparsely populated country with an abundance of fresh air, clean water, open spaces and breath-taking views. Our Big 5 (as opposed to Africa’s Big 5) are: wolf, wolverine, lynx, bear and elk – with this tour, you will be able to tick all of them off your list AND experience real Swedish wildlife and nature.

Where: This tour will take you on a tour through Central Sweden.
Start and stop: Stockholm.
How to get there: We suggest you fly to Stockholm or Västerås and rent a car there.
Activity bookings: Click on links (in bold) in the text, to go to the organizer’s website for more information about prices, opening hours, bookings etc.

Day 1 – Moose safari

Meet the King of the Forest eye to eye during a moose safari. In the summer, it is not unusual to encounter 10-20 moose on this 5-hour safari.

Stay at: Sundbyholms Slott
Driving time from Stockholm Arlanda Airport is approx. 1 hour, and from Västerås Airport approx. 20-40 minutes.

Vacker sjö vid Hennickehammars Herrgård
Hotellpaket på Fryksås Hotell & Gestgifveri

Day 2 – Wildlife experiences

Drive the two hours or so to the province of Värmland and decide whether you want to spend your day fishing in the province’s beautiful lakes, go on a mushroom safari, or, for those of you who are a little more adventurous, go rafting on one of the many rivers.

Stay at: Hennickehammars HerrgårdLänsmansgården or Dömle Manor.
Driving time from the previous night’s hotel: 2 hours.

Day 3 – Bear safari

Get off to an early start and drive north towards the province of Dalarna – an area with one of the largest bear populations in Sweden. Once there, we suggest that you go on a thrilling bear safari in the wild where you can learn all about bears in their natural habitat. The chance of spotting a living bear there is not very high though, so follow up with a sure sighting at Orsa Bear Park, where you will also see polar bears, wolves, snow leopards, and more.

Stay at: Fryksås Hotell or Tällbergsgården.
Driving time from the previous night’s hotel: 2 hours.

Exteriörbild på Hotell Järvsöbaden
Ett av Gimo Herrgårds hotellrum

Day 4 – Wilderness Zoo & Carnivore Centre

Drive east into Hälsingland to learn all about the 5 major carnivores in Sweden: the bear, wolf, lynx, wolverine and human being at the Carnivore Centre, and see the animals in their natural habitat at the Wilderness Zoo.

Stay at: Hotell Järvsöbaden.
Driving time from the previous night’s hotel: 3 hours.

Day 5

Drive southbound to the area of Roslagen, with its scenic archipelago. Gräsö Archipelago is well suited for paddling and we recommend that you rent sea kayaks here and paddle through the untouched nature. You have a good chance of spotting both eagles and seals. If you are into fishing, you can also rent a motorboat and the necessary equipment for the perfect fishing trip.

Stay at: Gimo Herrgård.
Driving time from the previous night’s hotel: 3 hours.

Countryside Deals på Gimo Herrgård
Åk på hälso-och träningshelger på Dömle Herrgård

Day 6 – Driving time to Stockholm Arlanda Airport is 1 hour

We would like to point out that this is your holiday and you can decide what to do and at what pace. This is simply our way of offering you a variety of choices to pick and choose from, and helping you find and book a good hotel nearby.

Practical information

For hotel bookings, go to

Click on the links in bold to go to the websites of the attractions, landmarks and activities for more information and booking, where necessary.

Please note that all driving times are estimates only, and do not include travel to and from the suggested activities. Some activities might need to be pre-booked.

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