Spa and wellness trip for the soul

Take care of yourself and let go of everyday stress somewhere between Stockholm and Tällberg. Treat yourself to a body or facial treatment, crawl into the hot tub, visit the steam sauna after a long forest walk or a rowing trip on Siljan. Live like a king or queen, enjoy good food, sleep well, breathe well and feel good in your whole body!

Let go of everyday stress and check into a spa hotel

We start this trip with a departure from Malmö, but because we want to relax, we don’t explore Sweden’s southernmost big city, but head directly to Brösarps Gästgifveri. You can also enter our weekend package Spa weekend and easily book a hotel directly from there. There are several different packages for both body and soul that are packed and ready for a perfect weekend where you can pamper yourself.

Malmö – Brösarp Gästgifveri, Brösarp (86 km, 1 hour 30 min)

We drive east on road 11 to Tomelilla. On the way we pass Staffanstorp, Dalby, Veberöd and Sjöbo. Before Tomelilla, we come to a roundabout, where we turn left towards Kristianstad on road 19. We follow the road until we come to an intersection, where we choose right towards Brösarp. Gästgifveriet is centrally located in Brösarp. Parking is available inside the yard.

Brösarp’s Gästgifveri at the gate to the beautiful Österlen, has been a meeting place for nobility, priests, citizens and farmers since 1684. The nature experiences are all around the knot. Here we have dreamed of hiking up Brösarp’s Backar to enjoy the breathtaking view, and we have ordered a picnic basket in advance, which we will take with us.

At Gästgifveriet, we have booked a Spa package where, in addition to room, breakfast, welcome drink, evening menu, it also includes not only massage, entry to Spa with bath and bubble but also relaxation and sauna. After a good night’s sleep with a delicious breakfast in the morning, we move on. We are going to Stufvenäs.

Boka en spaweekend på Dömle Herrgård

Brösarps Gästgiveri, Brösarp – Stufvenäs Gästgiveri, Söderåkra (193 km, 2 hr 30 min)

We start by taking road 19 about 30 km north to get directly onto the E22. We have been recommended to, if time allows, take a detour to Åhus, which is a sight to see in itself. Once we are on the E22, we drive about 165 km. 3 km north of Söderåkra is Stufvenäs Gästgiveri. At the Söderåkra exit, we see the sign for Gästgiveriet. We have arrived!

Stufvenäs dates back to the early 19th century and is beautifully located right next to Kalmarsund. Here we find a genuine manor environment with tasteful furnishings in a classic style. In harmonious and scenic surroundings we find fantastic walking areas. The Örarevet nature reserve with a child-friendly beach is located only a stone’s throw away.

We are primarily curious about Bansai Spa and have booked a Bansai Vila package. Bansai Spa stands for the power to find balance and harmony. Through restful silence and a peaceful calm, we find the balance in existence. Here we get the opportunity to cultivate our vitality even more with space and time for reflection and relaxation. We have access to hot baths, steam sauna, infrared sauna, dry sauna, cold shower, massage chairs. Certified masseuse, certified Shiatsu masseur and certified skin therapists are also offered.

In addition to Bansai Spa, our package also includes a welcome drink, three-course dinner, accommodation and breakfast buffet.

As new people, we travel on towards Söderköping’s Brunn.

Stufvenäs Gästgifveri, Söderåkra – Söderköpings Brunn, Söderköping (262 km, 3 hours)

Getting to Söderköpings Brunn is easy. We only continue on road E22 north to Söderköping. This road passes straight through Söderköping, so once there we only follow the signs to Söderköping’s Brunn.

On the way there, we might feel like making a small detour, namely visiting Trosa, “the end of the world”. In Trosa we meet an old, genuine archipelago town that for over 1000 years has had fishing as its main industry. In its vicinity, we can visit Tullgarn Castle, a palace that still belongs to our royal family today. Here is also Tullgarn’s stable, which is known for its horse breeding. Nynäs Castle is another attraction that has been open to the public since 1985. The memories of the time when the estate formed a small community, populated by lords, servants, craftsmen, statesmen, crofters and others, still remain.

Söderköping’s Brunn is a historic spa hotel in a picturesque Östgöta town dating back to the 11th century as one of Sweden’s most powerful trading cities until the 16th century. In 1774, Brunnen received royal privileges from Gustav III and is today a spa facility that we must make full use of. We start with a purifying algae and clay treatment and continue with foot care and manicure and then try Sunspray – tanning without a solarium. The day ends with a lovely dinner in the hotel’s restaurant where we try Swedish home cooking.

Spa på Vadstena klosterhotell

Söderköping’s Well, – Sundbyholm Castle, Flen (124 km, 1 hour 50 min)

When we wake up the next day and have had our good breakfast, we note that it is towards the north that we are going to steer the journey, more specifically we are going to Sundbyholm Castle outside Eskilstuna. To get here, we drive back to the E22 towards Norrköping and then continue onto national road 56 towards Eskilstuna and only 12 km from the city is Sundbyholm Castle. Follow the signs towards Sundbyholm.

Near Sundbyholm there are many interesting places to visit. We therefore make our way to the Eskilstuna River where we find Klosters Church, which is Sweden’s last built cathedral from 1929. By the same river are also the rapids in Skjulsta, which have become the eldorado of anglers. We will stay at Sundbyholm Castle, which in the Middle Ages was a monastery estate and belonged to Eskilstuna Johanniterkloster. At the Reformation in 1527, it was transferred to the crown, and from the 18th century the castle has belonged to various tenants.

Quietly just behind the castle is the hotel part with a panoramic view of the water. At Sundbyholm Castle, we can dip our bodies in their outdoor spa. We heat up the joints using advanced jet and massage nozzles while inhaling the refreshing forest scents from the surroundings. We can continue with the indoor baths as all luxury suites are equipped with a jacuzzi. Some of these luxury suites even have their own sauna attached to the bathroom.

After another relaxing day, we eat a good dinner on the castle terrace if the weather permits. The next day we have breakfast in the cellar vault and then hit the road again, this time towards Tällberg.

Sundbyholm Castle, Flen – Tällbergsgården, Tällberg (229 km, approx. 3.5 hours)

Today we head towards Dalarna and Tällbergsgården in Tällberg. We drive towards Enköping (E18) and at Enköping turn off onto national road 70 towards Leksand. About 12 km after Rättvik, we turn off towards Tällberg. We follow signs for about 4 km towards Tällberg. In the middle of Tällberg we find Tällbergsgården! Once in Tällberg, we meet a place with a wonderful view of Lake Siljan, which was created 365 million years ago when a meteorite struck here. Siljan belongs to the crater’s outer ring, which today measures 50 km in diameter and is Europe’s largest known impact site.

Tällberg is also a place well known in Sweden for its genuine Swedishness. “Being in Dalarna and not seeing Tällberg, it’s like being at a wedding and not seeing the bride” they say themselves. Here you are good at preserving the Swedish traditions such as midsummer celebration with folk costumes, sleigh rides in winter and fishing both summer and winter.

Hotell Tällbergsgården, which we will be staying at, is beautifully located with a view of Siljan and is a traditional hotel in a folklore environment, owned by the Åkerblad family for many generations. The hotel offers all kinds of activities and arranges excursions in the Siljansbygden, but we take ourselves a trip with a rowing boat on the lake that we rented at Tällberg’s beach. We live comfortably in cozy rooms and have dinner in the beautiful dining room.

Boke en weekend på Tällbergsgårdens Hotell​

Tällbergsgården, Tällberg – Hennickehammars Herrgård, Filipstad (205 km, 3 hours)

Now we set our sights on our last stop on our “Feel Good” tour. We have chosen to finish it at Hennickehammar’s Herrgård. We intend to treat ourselves to a little trip around Siljan, because we don’t want to miss Nusnäs, where the real Dala horses are made, or famous Mora, the destination of the Vasaloppet. From Mora we take road 26 south towards Filipstad. Hennickehammar is 4 km from Filipstad. 2 km south of Filipstad along road 26 there are signs for Hennickehammar. We turn off the main road and follow the small road for another 2 km and we end up straight at Herrgården.

This is a place to really fall in love with! Many call the manor a Värmland fairy tale. To see the beautiful building from the 18th century shining like a torch with its yellow wooden facade, nestled in the forest and resting right next to the pond, cannot be described as anything other than fairytale-like. The lovely rooms and the beautiful environment together with the fantastic food make our stay magical.

For Hennickehammar, the most important task is to make us feel good! In fact, they want us to feel better than good, which determines when we choose to invest in their Spa program. We have taken the liberty of booking the relax section for ourselves, but first we order an Aroma wrap, followed by one of the massage options. Next, the relaxation section with whirlpool and sauna. The well-being is total! In the fairy-tale forest of Värmland, we take a quiet walk, before going to bed. The next morning we end our tour with a lovely breakfast buffet and a quiet rowing trip on lake Hemtjärn. We hear the water lapping against the hull and note that we really “feel better than good”!

Shape your spa trip just the way you want!

Of course, it is perfectly possible to reverse the trip or to take parts out of it. We also recommend the possibility of staying several nights in one place in order to take advantage of all the offers. With reservation for possible changes.

For other information call  +46-31-131870.

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