Hiking holidays

The popularity of hiking holidays has increased significantly in recent years. These days, we want to be active while on holiday. Ideally, of course, you will have something to look forward to after a long day on the trail. For example, a comfortable bed, a spa treatment and a good dinner at a beautiful hotel.

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Enjoy a hiking holiday in beautiful Sweden

If hiking is your thing, you’ve come to the right place. Our hotels are beautifully situated and close to beautiful hiking trails through Sweden’s beautiful countryside. Start from one hotel and take daily hikes, or walk between the hotels – we look forward to welcoming you whatever you choose.

Vandringsresor med Countryside Hotels
Romantisk weekend på Vadstena hotell

The following trails are just a few examples of the ones that are close to our castles, manors, guest houses, inns and taverns:

Österlenleden, Skåneleden, Bergslagsleden, Bohusleden, Östgötaleden, Nunnedalen, Höglandsleden and Roslagsleden.

Here is a map of all of Sweden’s hiking trails (source: Visit Sweden)

Here’s a tip: book a Countryside Break which includes accommodation, breakfast and a 3-course dinner, lace your boots and enjoy!

Other weekend breaks and hotel offers

An important part of your experience with us is our food. Let our kitchen to take you along on a culinary journey from north to south.

A long, casual romantic weekend break one-one with someone special at one of Sweden's most romantic hotels - doesn't that sound absolutely wonderful?

The Countess seems suspicious and does the servant really have something to hide? Well, judge for yourselves in one of our murder mysteries, and other spectacular shows.

A Countryside Break can be booked at all our Countryside Hotels hotels and includes a overnight stay, breakfast buffet and a 3-course dinner. Any single room supplement is added and drinks for dinner are not included.

Welcome to our spa breaks. Many of our selected hotels offer a wide range of helpful spa treatments and services and they can all be found in mansions, castles, guesthouses and inns across Sweden.